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Pathardi e.V., an NGO in Hamburg, sponsors children in Maharashtra, India. With the financial support of sponsors the children are housed in boarding schools and are able to attend school. The NGO has an impressive track record.
Between 2003 and 2013 the total overhead of Pathardi e.V. was under 1% of the annual expenditure.
In the winter of 2012 I traveled to India trying to find out what has become of some of the children once they left the boarding house.

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A happy life starts in a safe and supportive environment. The boarding house in Watangi, Maharashtra, India

A full life is ahead of these young ladies who have been at boarding together in Watangi and Ajra from 2001 to 2010. They are very grateful to have had sponsors who made it possible for them to attend school. They are all eager to proof that they will achieve the best possible life with such a priviledged start.

Pricilla Kamjil Fernandes trains to be a nurse

Supriya Julius D'Souza studies chemistry and will get a scholarship to study in the US

Nimila Jocey Pereira is still in college and wants to be a psychology teacher

Winifred Salvador D'Souza is in college in Kolhapur and will study computer science

Avelyn Anthony D'Souza works as a nurse at a hospital in Mumbai

Silvia Thomas Diaz is training to be a nurse

Nikita Prakash Pinto will be an art teacher

Cosupiedade Noronha a former boarder at Ajra is an English teacher and librarian in Ajra. Married to a government employee she has a 18 old daughter, who wants to be a medical doctor and a 14 year old son.

Impressed by their teachers' friendliness and their sponsors' generosity these ladies dedicate their life to serve others.

Sr. Angelina Nronhe was at Ajra boarding house 1981-1984. She is a social worker in Ladawal since many years.

Sr. Leena D'Souza was at boarding school from 1992 -2000. Now she works as a general and geriatric nurse

Sr. Nirmala Diaz was in Watangi from 1985 to 1988. She is a primary school teacher in Nogoa-Verna

Sr. Leena Norona was from 1985 to 1990 in Ajra. She is an office administrator at St. Joseph Convent High School, Verna-Nagoa Nogoa-Verna.

Sr. Cecilia Diaz works on the administrative staff of at St. Michael High School, Anjuna

Sr. Rita D'Souza was at the boarding house in Ajra from 1982 to 1991. Now, a teacher in Goa, she still treasures the photo of her sponsor and his daughter.

Pathardi e.V. started as a grassroot movement in 1968 when the state of Maharashra was suffering a severe drought. A couple of years later it turned into an ngo to sponsor children from underprivilidged tribal families

English teacher Sukhedo Rambhan Pagare was at the borading house of Pathardi mission between 1974 and 1981

Umesh Ramesh Balid was a boarder from 2005-2011. Now he trains to be a mechanic at St. Joseph's Technical College, Pune

Bagwan Malhari Randhave was at Pathardi boarding from 1976 to 1982. His mother lives with the family. Today he is a mechanic for government cars. Both his daughters have already won prizes for eloquence in school.

After school Balu Mohan Bondade served 20 years in the military. Today he works as a mechanic.

Former Pathardi boarder Sachin Ramesh Balid has won a silver medal in weightlifting, worked as a headmaster and trains to be a policeman

At Pathardi Mission boarding school, study time is taken seriously

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